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1:Experience Japanese Tea in Zen Style

Oppotunity to visit beautiful village in Kyoto where known as Tea Utopia, and experience various type of teas at quiet zen temple in small group.


 Meet your guide at JR Kizu station and travel along the Kizu river towards Wazuka town. On the way to Wazuka, you will enjoy the scenic view of Ishitera Tea Plantations where is the most famous spot in Wazuka.


  You will continue sight seeing tea fields guided in English about Town's tea history. We also actually go inside the tea fields and touch and smell fresh tea leaves. After that, you will visit Zen temple to get to feel how tea is introduced to Japan with quiet Zen mind.

Tour guide

Kashima misako is a YOGA instructor who live in Wazuka-cho.
Language : JP / ENG


This was an absolutely fantastic way to spend an afternoon during my trip! This experience takes place in Wazuka Town, Kyoto which is home to the best tea in Japan and the most beautiful tea field landscapes. The host of the experience, Misako, met me at the bus stop in town and guided me to a charming, little temple where I would become both incredibly relaxed and enlightened. Once at the temple, we briefly introduced ourselves and met the monk. Misako guided us through a great yoga routine inside the temple which is designed to prepare you for the zazen (zen meditation) afterwards. Following yoga, we sampled some local tea. Then the monk of the temple guided us through an authentic session of mediation. It was both fun and educational. Afterwards we tried Japanese sweets and the priest prepared matcha for us. Misako was really informative and kind. And it was really neat to have such an intimate experience with a real buddhist monk in this lovely village. I highly recommend it!


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2:Japanese Rice Snack Arare Making Experience

During this activity you will:

1. Grill the Arare by yourself using original handmade soy sauce. Usually, the final taste of Arare slightly differs according to the way each person prepares it. So you will be able to take back home your own and unique personalized Arare souvenir.


2. Grill the original turtle shaped Arare. In Japan, Turtle is a symbol used for the celebration of longevity such as the 60th anniversary, marriage or even when moving into a new house. Red and white are symbolic colors used for greeting the New Year's Day, and are believed to bring good luck. You will enjoy watching the shape of the turtle slowly change during the cooking, soaking them with original soysauce at the end of the process and finally wrapping them with seaweed.


3. Experience Tea Roasting Workshop. The beverage for the Arare snack , you will enjoy the wonderful taste and aromas of Hojicha using tea roster ancestral method. High temperature is used to roast the leaves, altering the leaf color tints from green to reddish brown. This roasting process lowers the amount of caffeine in the tea. Fragrance and taste will slightly differ according to each participant's way of following the original process. One of the most unique experience for any tea lovers!

Tour guide


Language : JP / ENG


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3:Private photo tour in Kyoto.
Photo by Yuki KAGAWA

Yuki Kagawa is a professional photographer in Osaka. Now we try to make private photo tour with him (tour is during every autumn and winter.)

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